Electronic Control Valves

Electronic Control Valves

Cla-Val’s aggressive research and development program have resulted in the design and production of technologically advanced electronic and hydraulic control systems that consistently meet the challenges of increasingly complex and divers’ applications.

Today, Cla-Val electronic products can be used to communicate systems performance data via your desired information technology including Internet, SCADA, Radio, GSM/Cell phone and Satellite.


The Cla-Val UP-22D is designed to provide state of the art valve control for a variety of fluid control parameters. The UP-22D is supplied with a NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure and supports both AC and DC solenoid applications. The VC-22D Valve Controller is mounted on an interior sub panel isolating the technician from field wiring. The UP-22D is supplied with an AC noise filter and 60W 24VDC power supply. Additionally, all inputs and outputs are fused, protecting against over currents.

For ease of use, the VC-22D valve controller is pre-loaded with a wide variety of typical valve applications (ValvApp™). Additional custom ValvApps™ can be created by Cla-Val to meet any operation requirement. For example 2 or 3 modulating control functions can be combined into one custom ValvApp™.

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The Cla-Val VC-22D is a valve controller designed to enable remote operation of electronic valves in water treatment plant or distribution systems. The valve controller also serves as an interface between a SCADA system and other devices installed on or around the valve (such as a meter).

For ease of use, the valve controller is pre-loaded with a wide variety of typical valve applications (ValvApps™).
Product Advantages
  • Provides remote or local set-point control for valves in a variety of fluid applications
  • Highly accurate and stable valve control
  • IP-68 Submersible
  • Valve Controller is supplied with pre-loaded ValvApps™ for most common valve functions
  • Custom ValvApps™ can be created using Valve Functions to meet unique application requirements
  • Custom ValveApps can be pre-loaded prior to shipping
  • Monitors and displays multiple processes with accurate retransmission of parameters to SCADA systems
  • Supplied with Standard Alarm Outputs
  • Logging capabilities
  • Low power consumption: less than 3 watts
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Cla-Val Series 131 and 631 Electronic Control Valves are designed specifically for applications where remote control of valve function is preferred. They are hydraulically operated, pilot controlled, diaphragm valves. The solenoid pilot controls are actuated by electrical signals from the VC-22D Electronic Valve Controller. The solenoid pilots either add or relieve line pressure from the cover chamber of the valve, causing it to open or close as directed by the electronic controller.

Use this valve for applications where water containing unacceptable levels of chemicals is blended with clean water to achieve compliance with State and Federal regulatory requirements.

Engineering Data Sheets