Water Savings Solutions

Water Savings Solutions

As a leading manufacturer of automatic control valves, Cla-Val has been providing an array of solutions to help reduce water consumption and water loss using their control valve technology for well over 25 years.

After decades of service, many African countries water infrastructure is now declining.

Water loss through pipe breaks and insidious leakage is highly undesirable. It’s expensive, it’s a danger to people, can cause serious damage to property and becomes even more detrimental when coupled with drought conditions that have plague Africa for years.

It’s time to consider the options available to reduce water losses.

Reducing consumption is obviously the right thing to do, but there are other options that could be implemented by water companies that have immediate and significant reduction results without relying on the actions of individual households, industry and business.

Pressure management is one of the key parameters that allow water distribution systems to operate at peak while reducing water loss. Existing Cla-Val control valvesin distribution networks are candidates to be upgraded to one of three pressure management options available to end-users.

  • Simple Hydraulic Pressure reducing (Cla-Val Fig 90-01)
  • Advanced Hydraulic Pressure reducing (Cal-Val Fig 98-06)
  • Advanced Hydraulic Pressure Management valve (Cla-Val Fig 390-07)

Leaking pipelines are rarely talked about in mainstream news stories, but catastrophic water mains breaks make the headlines. Perhaps the time has come to use existing system valves and existing technology that is economical and easily accessible to do more to protect our dwindling water resources.

There is a finite amount of water in the world and with the rapid growth of the world population it is certainly the most precious and scarce resource.

Seapro SA with the backing of Cla-Val Switzerland have the products, technical expertise in place to assist City councils, Municipalities, Water authorities, mines, Power producers and Irrigation systems in AFRICA with control valve requirements, water loss and water demand management programs.


Cla-Val Models 98-06 and 698-06 Water Saving Valves use two downstream set points to achieve optimum system pressure; i.e. the capability delivering only the pressure that is needed to meet current demand.

A high pressure set point is selected for high flow demand and a low pressure set point is selected for low flow demand.  This dual set point arrangement allows for reduction in water consumption as well as unintentional water loss by keeping system piping from being over-pressurized during periods of low demand, such as at night. It does this without inhibiting adequate pressure during periods of normal (daytime), high or fire demand.
The 98-06 Water Savings Valve provides ” the best of both worlds” – – adequate pressure to meet demand and maintain customer satisfaction but not so much that pipelines become over-pressurized and subject to leakage and pipe breaks.

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The Cla-Val Model CRD-34 and CRA-34 Electronic Actuated Pressure Reducing Pilot Controls are the latest addition to Cla-Val’s extensive line of water saving control solutions.  This new series of pilots provide remote set-point adjustment and accurate downstream pressure control on Cla-Val 390 Series Control Valves.  Ideal for water savings applications, remote set-point command signals can be from any SCADA-type control system using an analog 4-20 mA signal, by contact closure for cc/ccw rotation or through Modbus RTU.

The advantages of the CRD-34 and CRA-34 are plentiful, including the following:

  • Ideal for Pressure Optimization and where pipes are sensitive to breaks and leaks caused by over-pressurization
  • Simplified Remote Valve Set-Point Control
  • Modbus RTU Communication
  • Easy integration with VC-22D Electronic Valve Controller
  • 10 to 32 VDC Input Power
  • Isolated Input
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • IP-68 Submersible
CRD-34 and CRA-34 Electronic Actuated Pressure Reducing Pilot Controls are ideal companions to the products listed below,  combining to create a highly effective control option for pressure reducing applications, including pressure optimization and water savings.
  • VC-22D Valve Controller
  • X143IP Power Generator
  • X144 e-FlowMeter
  • X145 Electronic Display
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Cla-Val Models 390-07 and 3690-07 Electronic Actuated Pressure Reducing Valvea with Manual Hydraulic Bypass combine precise control of field proven Cla-Val hydraulic pilots and simple, remote valve control. The 390-073690-07 Pressure Reducing Valves automatically reduce a higher inlet pressure to a steady lower downstream pressure regardless of changing flow rate and/or varying inlet pressure.

These valves are ideal for pressure management because they can be programmed to minimum night time and optimum daytime pressures. This set-point scenario helps to prevent the pipeline from being over-pressurized during times of lower demand and makes the pipeline less susceptible to background leakage and pipe bursts.

Internal continuous electronic monitoring of actuator position results in virtually instantaneous position change with no backlash or dithering when control signal is changed.  In the event of a power or control input failure, the CRD-34 pilot remains in hydraulic control virtually assuring system stability under changing conditions.  During SCADA startup and maintenance the manually-adjusted CRD pilot control allows automatic hydraulic valve operation when no electric power is available for CRD-34.

Features and Benefits
  • Simplified Remote Valve Set-Point Control
  • Ideal for use with the VC-22D Electronic Valve Controller
  • Isolated Input
  • Ideal for Pressure Management
  • 12-24VDC Input Power
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Submersible (IP-68)
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The Cla-Val CTC-33 Electronic Timer Control is a battery powered, programmable on-off control used for opening and closing Cla-Val main valves according to time schedule.  Up to three opening and closing times per day can be set for a weekly schedule.  The CTC-33 is used on the 139-10 Programmable Timer Control Valve.
The CTC-33 offers powerful valve control for remote locations and valve automation applications.
Product Advantages
  • Precise Valve On-Off Control
  • Completely Self-contained
  • Programmable Daylight Savings Times
  • 2 Year Battery Life
  • Retains Stored Data Even After Battery is Depleted
  • Direct Control of Valve Opening and Closing 3 Times Daily
  • Interval Timing Capable
  • IP68 submersible
  • Combines with Pressure, Flow or Level Control
  • Ideal for Remote Valve Location Control
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